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I Got A Puppy!

Am I crazy? Don’t answer that.
There are a number of things to consider when having a dog in Dubai.

  1. The heat 
    The weather is Dubai is pretty much boiling. Id even say once I almost melted. It is a never ending summer,
    and some dogs don’t like the heat. Walking during the day isn’t really possible as the floor is too hot and can burn their paws. Morning and evening walks are perfect as its much cooler.
    2. Living arrangementI live in an apartment so that certainly is something to think about. I have a Juliet balcony so there isn’t outdoor space for a dog. Also with a balcony, if they’re too small they can fit between the bars and too big, they can jump over the top. I don’t recommend letting a dog have unsupervised access to a balcony. Personally I wouldn’t have a big dog in Dubai but I know many people do. If they find it manageable and their dogs are getting plenty of exercise then great, but for me it wasn’t an optionn. I have found a small dog in my apartment is more than enough space.

    3. Work

    At first I was wary of work situations, I was concerned that if we got a dog he would be left alone a lot. After much research, i found a few breeds that enjoy their own company. This for me was very important. Not only for the dog, but also for the people living next door to us. I didn’t want to have a loud dog barking all day to cause problems. As I am away half the time out of the country, I wanted to ensure we chose the right breed.
    4. Cost and maintenance

    Maybe money isn’t an issue, but its worth it to work out what the costs would be for food, possible vet bills, upkeep such as hair grooming (if needed), accessories such as leads and toys, day care for holiday times etc.

    5. Choosing the breed

    After much thought, i decided on a small, fluffy and calm breed. Not too much maintenance. Firstly i came across a French Bulldog, this breed seemed quite perfect. After some more research i found they don’t cope very well with the heat, making it hard to breathe as their faces are squashed. I then came across the chihuahua. Maybe this dog was just slightly too small for us, plus the few we visited were very loud, so not for us. Finally I came across the Yorkshire Terrier, they cope well with apartment living and are very adaptable. I saw a Teacup Yorkie, which is a smaller version basically. He was fluffy, confident, had the most gorgeous face. The internet told me they are quiet, playful. I was sold, and fell in love immediately.
    6. Buying a dog in Dubai

    Be careful where you buy any pet in Dubai. Firstly i was looking on different websites where private sellers were advertising puppies. I  were slightly sceptical as what if something happened once i brought a pet and i couldn’t get hold of them? I decided to go to various pet shops instead, where i thought i could have more advise when purchasing a new pet. I brought our puppy from a pet shop in JLT.

    I named him Twix; the chocolate bar brand. Mu first night of having him, i soon discovered he was scared of the dark, but slept the whole night. He was so small i had to get cat toys and a cat harness as the XS was far too big for him. The first two days was fun, I had days of work so I loved playing with him. I noticed he slept a lot, but I assumed that was because he was so small and still a baby. The third day something didn’t seem right, he wouldn’t leave his bed, was coughing a lot and seemed to be struggling to breathe. I picked him up for water and he collapsed. After a visit to the vets, x rays and examinations confirmed Twix was very sick. He has Bronchineumonia, a condition where fluid is built up in his lungs making it hard to breathe. As Twix has such small lungs and a tiny windpipe, the fluid cannot escape, making it harder for him to receive oxygen.

    I have now had twix a month and a half, and he has only just stopped taking medication. The vet told me he was hours away from dying. He can’t meet other dogs yet as he’s not allowed his final injection. I feel so relieved that we got Twix when we did, we saved him. I have no idea how the other dogs in that pet shop are health wise, but be careful. Do lots of research, take the animal to the vet before buying him. We still have a long way to go, and he may not ever be fully recovered but at least he is on the right road now.

    I now have a very handsome, naughty but gorgeous pup!

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A Big Catch Up

I have been quite busy. Actually, now I think about it, I have been really busy. I haven’t even had time to think about writing another blog post. Apologies to anyone who does read this; maybe its just my Mum.. Sorry Mum.

In the last month I have travelled (obviously), had my SEP recurrent and got a puppy. After my Amsterdam trip I went to Algeria, Glasgow, Guangzhou and Orlando. Quite a mixture of destinations.

In Algeria I didn’t actually do much, the hotel we stay at is a beach resort and typical me didn’t take my bikini. So I sunbathed, in jeans, in 35 degrees. It wasn’t ideal, but it was a nice place. The hotel had a private beach with a bar so it was nice to have a chilled out layover.

Glasgow was good for a food shop. I filled up my suitcase with most things that Tesco sell, and I got lots of dogs toys from the pound shop. Guangzhou  is in China, however wasn’t too exciting, which is unusual for me. Asia being my favourite, I was frustrated to not be able to leave my hotel. The hotel though was gorgeous, with a huge free standing bath in the middle of the room. I had a good two hour long nap in there! I had SEP after this flight, so I had to study before hand.

SEP recurrent is a requirement by Emirates. We must pass our yearly exams in order to regain our license to fly as Cabin Crew. These exams include Medical, Security, and two aircraft specifics. It was quite a stressful time for me as there a lot of exams over the course of two days. Two long days felt like forever, and I studied for a good two weeks before hand. Now I have my new license until next year.

After my few days in college, I was extremely excited to have my first US flight. I was lucky enough to have a long 50 hours in Orlando. I had been to Orlando before when I was younger with my Nan, but I don’t remember too much of it. The flight was the longest I had ever done, it was 16 hours from DXB-MCO. With a 4 hour sleep rest in the crew rest area and a quiet load, the flight there was a dream. I couldn’t of even imagined a US flight like it, as I have heard that they are very difficult. This is because  they are such long flights and sometimes due to certain departure times, all customers are awake. Therefore a more demanding flight. I was once told the average crew member in a 7 hour flight walks 9 miles. Thats quite a fair bit! So how many miles would one walk on a 16 hour flight? You do the maths.

Once I arrived, I remembered all of little things I once loved about being there before. The huge monster truck cars, the locals accents, the weather, the food. Everything was coming back to me. I showered and caught a bus to an outlet which was only a 10 minute drive. It was big, with all the shops you actually want to go into. Ralph Lauren, Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works and Burberry. I got a few birthday presents for my family and even one christmas present too. Call me Mrs Organised.

After a nights sleep, I was up early ready for a cooked breakfast and for Universal Studios. Our bus came at 8am and drove us to the park, I can’t even explain how excited I was. As we walked through the entrance, I saw the huge globe with UNIVERSAl written across. It just makes you feel like a child again. You then forget about how far you travelled, and how tired you still are. When I travel to Australia, I am extremely jet lagged, but this trip was actually okay, which was surprising as it was 8 hours time difference.

Universal was huge, and I got a ticket for both parks. I was ready for a day full of happiness, first stop: Harry Potter World. It was such a gorgeous day, walking down Diagon Alley was exciting and going through Gringotts was great too. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’d like it. I would highly recommend going. You could try butter beer, and buy an interactive wand which worked throughout the park. There were shops, which sold the chocolate frogs. We got the Hogwarts Express to the other park, it was so incredible. It really felt like we were traveling to Hogwarts, the carriage was the same including a screen in the window as if we were on our way.

There were so many rides which was nice, as the Universal in Singapore didn’t have that many. There was the Simspons, Shrek, The Mummy, Cat in the Hat and loads more. The 3D rides made me jump so much, I don’t know how much more my heart could of taken!

It is also the crew that make the trip. Thanks to the great people who helped made my first trip to the US a good one! I have just received my roster for next month too, I have San Francisco and New York! Am I dreaming?!  I feel so lucky to be able to go to these places without breaking the bank. I also have Nairobi and Colombo. October, I’m looking forward to you!





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I went to… Amsterdam

So like most other layovers, I had 24 hours in Amsterdam. There was a lot of things to do in quite a short amount of time. I originally bid for this trip, (bidding is where you can request a flight for the following month. Sometimes you can get it and sometimes you don’t ) and on this occasion I didn’t actually bid for this layover. However, I did receive a swap. This is a system which Emirates created in order for us to be able to swap flights with our colleagues as long as it is legal. This helps with crew who want to go home, or go to a destination they haven’t yet been to. To my surprise, someone sent me a swap to give me Amsterdam in return for my Frankfurt.

The Amstel River is beautiful for photos, and it was a gorgeous day. Oh, and the waffles with chocolate sauce, bananas and strawberries definitely didn’t disappoint.

5 fun things to do in Amsterdam:

  1. Cruise along the canals

This can be a day or evening thing. From 4 course dinners to a hop-on-hop-off day trip, this is great way to take in the beauty of Amsterdam.

2. Ann Frank House
Only €9 for an adult ticket, and around 20 minutes walk from the central station, this museum is a great day out. Whether you have read the book or not, it is still something worth visiting. I personally have not read the book, nor did I have time to go to Ann Franks House, however I have watched the movie “The Fault In Our Stars” and this is where I first developed an interest to go.

3. Dam Square 

This is a town square in Amsterdam which holds a lot of history (as well as a lot of drunk people) The town was built around the River Amstel and over 14,000 bikes are fished out of the water every year. Within Dam square is the Royal Palace and the National Monument.

As well as history, there are many bars and it is well known for their pub crawls.Stag and Hen do’s are often held here, and it is well known for the Red Light district.

4. Hire a bike

A days hire can be as little as €12. With a deposit and proof of ID, you’re good to go. There is something very therapeutic about cycling up the canal, but we warned: it is illegal to leave and lock up your bike on the bridge!

5. Sex Museum

Why not? I mean its a laugh. Honestly its absolutely hilarious what is in these museums but its a good experience. There are many around Amsterdam, but I went to one just down a five minute walk from the Central Station.

There are many more things to do in the capital of Netherlands, however as we know, I was short of time. There are many cafes, different trips to go on including an Ice Bar and a Heineken Museum too. I will definitely be going to the Ann Frank house next time but I don’t think I will be bidding for it again. It was a nice place, but sadly not my favourite destination. Certainly not a place for children either!

Although I had a great layover, I was excited to get my feet back onto the Emirati ground. I had plans to go for some cocktails up the Burj Khalifa. For those who aren’t sure on what building it is, you should!

My ears popped as we went up in the lift, I knew it was tall, obviously it is. It is the worlds tallest building after all. But until you’re up there, you don’t realise quite how tall it really is. I couldn’t even make out a person to look like an ant. A few cocktails ended the night perfectly!

Next stop: Algeria





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30 hours in Taipei

There was a reason why I bid for Taipei, which is the capital of Taiwan. Officially known as Taipei City, it is famous for the former tallest building in the world called Taipei 101. On this layover I didn’t have time to visit this building however I will definitely be back. It isn’t a short flight, 8-9 hours both ways and its also a night flight which makes it slightly harder for crew as we of course must stay awake.

As I have mentioned before, i adore Asia. I love the flights, the customers are all so friendly and grateful for you’re hard work. One thing I have noticed is that they require a lot of hot water, a lady explained it was good for hydrating the skin and good for your digestive system; maybe I need to adopt this habit.

There was one reason in particular that I bid for Taipei. Apart from the pact I have never been, it was also to visit a restaurant. You’re probably thinking “she went all the way to Taiwan to go to a restaurant?” The answer to that question is yes. Yes I did. However it wasn’t just any restaurant, its called ‘Modern Toilet’. Sounds a little bit disturbing when I’m typing it, but it was so much fun. It also doesn’t sound very hygienic either. Maybe my work is turning me crazy to want to try these abnormal experiences!

Modern Toilet is a restaurant which is set like a bathroom, the chairs are toilet seats, the tables are baths with glass tops, the food comes out in bizarre toilet shaped bowls. Two other crew members came with me, they also found the idea quite funny and just a “why not?” situation. I probably wouldn’t go again, but then again the food was great. I think it was just a once in a lifetime kind of thing. I had a vegetable pasta bake which came out in a bath. Oh and my coke came out in a urinal.

The restaurant was in the middle of a night market which is also well known in Taipei. The streets were full, mopeds whizzing down the narrow alleys, people shouting in mandarin trying to sell their bamboo juice and cockroaches scuttled across the pavements. It was actually very chaotic. I felt like i needed to hold up a flag to show the other girls where I was so I didn’t get lost. I didn’t buy anything, but there were clothes shops and lots of random items everywhere. If you like buying clutter, there is the place to go.

We went back to the hotel eventually after we had some issues with the taxi driver who couldn’t understand us when explaining where our hotel was. Luckily one taiwanese lady spoke a few words of english so we managed with google translations help, to get back safely.

The next day I woke up around lunch time and I still felt tired. I missed the night before’s sleep so I had some catching up to do, but I wanted to explore. I dragged myself downstairs where two other crew members were just heading out. So they joined me once I showed them the Temple I was interested in going to visit. After a quick tube journey, we found ourselves following sign posts to Lungsham Temple. With a beautiful waterfall outside, and Chinese lanterns in the entrance, we made our way inside to see people lighting candles and scented sticks. I took some photos however didn’t want to disturb people as they were praying.

The temple was stunning, so much care and attention was put into every inch of the building. The decoration was colourful and bold designs covered the walls and ceilings. As I made my way around, there were what looked like different stations, and people would take a minute to stop at each one on their way around. It was very interesting to watch, once finished they put their candles into a large gold centre piece. I’m not too sure of the name, as when I asked they obviously replied in mandarin. The temple was built in 1738, and formally known as the ‘Lungsham Temple of Manka’.  I got some little keep sakes to take home with me, including a magnet, a bracelet for each of my siblings meaning ‘peace’, a keyring for ‘love’ and a house decoration to bring ‘good luck and safety’ for a new house.

We soon found another market, where we came across three men in traditional outfits singing in the street. They were so passionate about what they were doing, but it only seemed to be us paying them any attention. I thought they were great!

I managed to have just a quick hours nap before heading home to the desert, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Taipei and would visit again. It is supposed to be rainy season at the moment however it was such a lovely few days. It was nice to have 30 hours as apposed to having 24, it seemed like I was spoilt for time! The photo below was from the bus on the way to our hotel when we arrived. 

Next stop: Amsterdam.

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Amo Roma!

Finally I have been to Italy. A country I have always wanted to visit but for some reason, never did. I bid for Italian destinations a few times with work, hoping id get the chance to go. Emirates fly to Bologna, Milan, Venice and Rome. I did actually bid for all four of them, and eventually got Rome on my roster. I guess Italy is a popular destination and many bids are made by Cabin Crew to go to the beautiful country. Now I understand why, I immediately fell in love.

The flight from DXB to FCO was only 5 hours 37 minutes. A very short flight, it was a night flight, and a light load of passengers. So all in all it wasn’t too tiring, meaning I could go exploring when we landed at 7.45am. Missing out on a nights sleep and then going out for the day is absolutely exhausting, however its got to be done! Crew learn to power through it. When you first join the company, all you do is wish for sleep. You seem to never catch up, but your body just gets used to it. Days off are crucial for getting them lost hours in.

The airport was so busy, i mean extremely busy. There were people everywhere and queues all around, i was thinking thank goodness we don’t have to stand in that! Another perk;  we skip the waiting around! When we arrived at our hotel, i threw my suitcase in, wiped off  my red lipstick, had the quickest shower known to man kind and hurried down to breakfast. 5 euros for a full breakfast, it basically had my name written all over it. Croissants, cheese, bacon, juices, the lot. It was so delicious and just what I needed to set me up for the day.

Ready for the 10am bus, the lovely crew and I boarded onto the free coach to the city centre (winning!) As it was a 45 minute drive, I managed to squeeze in a little cat nap. Almost fully recharged, one Australian, one Moroccan, one Japanese, one Italian and one Brit began our day roaming through Rome! I saw the first building, then the second, and then the third. Each one more beautiful than the one previous. The architecture and history of the buildings make the city look so romantic, and elegant. Walking down cobbled streets, there were tiny shops selling souvenirs and keep sakes. I got myself a Roma magnet and a mug. Each destination I have flown to, I have got a magnet. My collection is growing!

I had two things that I knew I wanted to see in Rome, even before joining Emirates I had a list of things I wanted to do and places i wanted to go. This time it was the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum. First stop, lets attempt to try and find this fountain that everyone seems to talk about!

It was huge, absolutely massive. It looked like art. Honestly I shocked at how stunning it really was. I mean, how great can a fountain be? There is one in Dubai mall thats quite nice, but this really blew me away. The whole area was filled with people, crowds gathered around looking amazed. Selfie sticks were out, people were throwing coins in to make a wish. I remember thinking right, I need the perfect photo! So off I went, climbed down to the front and with the other crew, we posed and us too made a wish and tossed a coin into the fountain. Sorry, I can’t tell you my wish or it may not come true!

By the time we had finished taking snaps and throwing money away, we decided to continue on our walks through the narrow streets. We came across a sign that said “FREE TASTING” and that was it. We didn’t need to be convinced, we tried different flavoured limoncello, and rum. Some were nice, one chocolate cream rum almost blew my head off!

After deciding against getting drunk, we carried on to try and find the Colosseum. I was so lucky to fly with such great crew, we had the best time joking about all day. It really is the company that make the layovers extra special. Our tummies started demanding attention, so we found a pizza restaurant on the way. Obviously we had to have pizza whilst in Italy! Oh boy was it good! Yes, I did eat the whole pizza to myself and I have no regrets.

A little walk further than where we ate lunch, was the colosseum. It looked smaller than I imagined, but perhaps thats because half was missing. Tourists can go inside, however by this time we were all starting to get hit by the tiredness. After a few crew pictures and a walk around, we decided to head back to find a supermarket to take home some Italian goodies. I got some wine and some love heart shaped pasta. (cute I know!)

Another bus ride back to the hotel and we were all absolutely pooped! 5 sleepy crew bears dragged themselves back up to their rooms after such a great day. That night i slept from 7pm till 7am! I felt so refreshed ready to head back to the heat, and see my cute little new home again!

Till next time Italy, CIAO!







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Moving house!

There are a few things in life i find stressful. Some are ridiculous and some, maybe most people will agree with.

  1. Being exhausted but not being able to sleep.

I think this may have something to do with my lifestyle; when I finally get into bed I think “I forgot to give the lady at 32B her vodka and coke!” which is extremely annoying. I think most people find this quite stressful, especially if you have work or a commitment early that day!

2. Your phone is dying and you have no charger.

This too is very frustrating. No explanation needed, we’ve all been there.

3. Having cash, but being just slightly short of the price so you’re forced to pay by card.

Urghhhhhh!! My purse gets so full of different currency coins, yet I can never get rid of them. Maybe its time to start a join jar.

4. Moving house.

So, now I seem to be doing adult-ish tasks all the time, I have now moved house. Before, when I was younger I always thought moving house was quite fun. It was like an adventure and when you’re small, the biggest thing in your world is school so when you have something even bigger happening, its so exciting. Never would I of pictured myself writing “KITCHEN” and “BATHROOM” on cardboard boxes.

I supposed I kind of moved house before, I moved countries in fact. But I never thought of it like moving house for some reason. I simply threw my life in three suitcases and moved into my apartment with two other girls. one of which is a very close friend of mine now.

When I moved to Dubai, I was put into Emirates Accommodation as is everyone else. My apartment was huge, so spacious and I really liked it a lot, however for me the location wasn’t so great. I wanted to feel more like I was in Dubai and not in the sandpit. I was put near the airport which was good for work, but not where I wanted to be. I found myself spending too much money on taxis to get to downtown. The metro too is an option, but it usually took around an hour which seemed silly when a drive was only 20 minutes to the mall.

So there we have it, I came up with enough excuses and decided to move out of accommodation and find my own place! I now live in Downtown and I’ve not looked back. I quickly made my new home so cosy and it really feels like I have been here forever. I live on the most beautiful street, where palm trees light up at night and I have a view of the Burj Khalifa from my living room.

It’s very relaxing being in your own space, being able to do what you want. You can walk around in your underwear if you wish, or not do the dishes that day… These are things I have wished for in the past I am not afraid to admit it. It’s my birthday this month too, which means I can keep my birthday cards up for as long as I want!! Yippee! It’s the small things….

Here’s to moving house! * raises cup of tea!*

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Durban, South Africa 

After an 8 hour flight, I arrived in Durban. I came here last December 2015, and I loved it. 

I loved it because I went swimming with sharks. Yes sharks. I previously mentioned I am afraid of the ocean. So what in earth was I thinking? The thing is, I didn’t think. I just did it and thought about it afterwards. 

It was such an amazing day. As always it was an early start but it was so exciting to be on the boat watching the South African sunrise as we went further and further into the sea. The instructors said we were very lucky as it was the clearest sunrise for 2 weeks. It was so beautiful, it looked like something from Lion King.

So now I am back, and I was quite unsure of what to do. I was so exhausted I went straight to sleep when I arrived, meaning I woke up at 5.30am. My body clock really is very messed up. 

I watched the only thing on TV which was Disney Channel (I’m not complaining) and went downstairs for the buffet breakfast when it opened. 

The buffet was something I remembered about the hotel. The BBQ beans, the mixed fruit and cheese selection made me very happy at 7am. 

After this I decided to go for a walk, I didn’t find much. After a few roads I spotted the beach but there was a 3 lane road stopping me getting to it. I asked some locals if there was a safe crossing nearby, they simply laughed and said “just run girl.” I actually decided not to run, and I walked back towards the hotel. 

 I sat and had a breakfast tea in a little cafe called ‘Café Limone’ and watched the world go by. 

For the rest of the day, I went back to the hotel and sat by the pool and read my book. The “Me Before You” book that is taking me about 100 years to read. It was such a gorgeous day! Thanks for having me Durban, until next time. 

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Fit to Fly! 

After my follow up at the hospital, I am now officially fit to fly. I’m so excited to be able to go exploring again.

My roster changed from ‘Reserve’ to ‘CMB-SIN-CMB’ which is Colombo and Singapore. We fly from Dubai to Colombo, some passengers disembark and more passengers come on board to travel onto Singapore. We then get a 25 hour layover.

I didn’t do too much on this trip as I wanted to be rested as its my first flight back. I have been to Singapore around 4/5 times so I figured It was ok to have one lazier day.

I went out with the crew for a drink on the 72nd floor in our hotel. I just had to get a Singapore Sling!

I arrived to Dubai at 6am. I slept, recovered from my flight as I was extremely tired. It felt like I was new to flying again. The following day I flew to Hong Kong.

Here we go!! Another Disney Land to tick off the list. Hong Kong has a Disney Land, did you know that? I didn’t know until googled “things to do in Hong Kong” so there we have it. I was 100% going.

I got a taxi, however I advise the metro. It only took us around 20 minutes to get there, but the metro is half the price.
The Disney park had different sections, there was Tomorrowland which held rides related to Star Wars. I didn’t know Star Wars was part of Disney. They had light saber shows and the ride was in the dark.

Another section was Fantasy land, where we went on an inside boat ride through the ‘small world’ and adventured through Winnie the Pooh’s Hundred Ache Woods. There was a 3D show, which had wind and water was sprayed.

My favorite part was the Toy Story Land. It was designed faultlessly, they had a Slinky Ride and Army Men parachutes. Everything was done to a huge scale, it was a great area of the park.

I can’t wait to return to Hong Kong, I would like to visit the time square and the Ocean Park where you can visit the Pandas. There is also a huge Buddha where you take a cable cart. There are so many things to do there, it is a great place to visit. Once again Asia, you’ve impressed me!


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Help! It’s too hot!

What to do when it’s too hot outside? I never thought I’d say that! Coming from England, those words I’m 98% sure would never get spoken out of my mouth. I thought it could never be too hot. I’m a sun worshipper, hence me living in the United Arab Emirates.

When it’s 38-45 degrees outside and you live in a modest country, wearing jeans and a t shirt isn’t always that fun. Actually, it’s never fun. A dress to your knees is fine, defiantly cooler but don’t forget that cardigan when you go to the mall. Of course pools are private areas are ok, bikinis or shorts are fine. But then again, sweating the minute you get outside and burning isn’t my idea of fun.

So I have come up with a few ideas to keep myself entertained during these boiling hot days!

1. Read a book– when I typed that I felt bored writing it. But actually, I’m not a book reader. I never have been. I recently watched ‘Me Before You’ in the cinema and fell in love with the story, so I decided to attempt to read the book. I’m currently on chapter 7 and I’m enjoying it!

2. Cook – last night  I made a pizza, from scratch. With me being a great chef, i was very concerned about how this would plan out. I found a recipe online and got the ingredients needed.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the finished product. I added cheese to make it stuffed crust too, but that didn’t work out so well. I learn by our mistakes right? The rest of the pizza was so delicious i just started eating it and before I knew it it was gone and I said “I forgot to take a photo!” Add on your toppings and enjoy!

3. Board games – I am extremely competitive! Like extremely. I hate loosing, so there are some games I’m not so keen on. So far we have Monopoly, Cluedo and Scrabble. I didn’t play Monopoly as a child so I still don’t understand why I had to re-mortgage my houses and why I went bankrupt so early in, but anyway. Scrabble is a family favourite, well in my house it always was. It used to help me with spelling when I was little. I like to add the Q  on the end of a word and somehow get 45 points.

Cluedo on the other hand.. Well I’m basically the champion. Unbeaten.

4. Sort out – literally sort out everything. Clothes, cupboards, shoes, accessories, the draw of crap. Everything.

5. Start a blog – and here I am.

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A short trip to England 

At the end of May, I went to the beach and long story cut short, have had a month of work because of a foot injury. I have been trying to keep myself busy, but wanted to go home as I wasn’t actually doing much. Not being able to get around kept me restricted and it’s 42degrees at the moment so too hot for me to go out by the pool.

After I finished all 4 seasons of Orange Is The New Black, I flew home for a few days.

I hadn’t been home properly since October, when I moved to Dubai. I have done I think 4 LHR (London Heathrow) trips with work, but that’s only 24 hours so it doesn’t ever seem long enough to be able to fit everyone in, and of course there is the train or drive to my house from the airport, plus sleep is needed somewhere in this time too. It’s always very short so I was more than excited to be able to go to England for a few days. As my foot 4 weeks on was loads better, I couldn’t wait to go back for a lovely beach walk.

I planned to be at home where I am from, the South of England, Bournemouth. When i arrived, it was so amazing to see grass and so many trees. Something I really miss in Dubai. Tired and jet lagged, we decided to go to Virginia Waters. A lake and a green space for dog walks and picnics. I went on a 4 and a half mile walk around the lake. I had never been there before and it was so beautiful, there were families having lunch, the sun was shining, there were horses and so many dogs roaming around. The air felt warm and fresh, i felt a deep feeling of happiness as we walked around.

After an amazing and much needed sleep, it was an early start to see my family and friends. I surprised my little cousins first, by attending their football tournament. It was so nice to surprise them, although they are at the age where having a kiss and a cuddle is slightly embarrassing! I felt so proud of them.

In the short time i had so I went to Highcliffe Castle beach and then to Lymington where we were going to see my previous boss, for a catch up and Lunch at the Yacht Club Marina. I used to work in Lymington, there is something so peaceful about the cute little streets and having a nice glass of wine at the quay is always a good idea.

Finally I saw my best friends. Just in time for her birthday the following day. I sadly missed out on her birthday outing that evening, but I’m so pleased I got to see her at all. The thing with my job is, you can go months without seeing each other so im just very grateful.

We went back to the UK for a family wedding, which was stunning. The weather was perfect and it was a fantastic weather.

Being in Dubai, there are few things I really miss. One being TESCO. Believe it or not, I really REALLY miss it. Quite sad I know.. I stocked up on beauty products, this is because it’s more expensive in Dubai. My products are average high street brands; Pantene Pro-V thickener is my must have at the moment. The water here in Dubai is very harsh, I need to buy a water filter actually. (This has reminded me.)

After a lovely few days at home in England, it’s nice to be home again in the 43 degree heat. Yes, it is 43 degrees. Send help! Fingers crossed after my Hosptial appointment regarding my foot, I will be back in the sky exploring again!

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Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim, Islamic calendar. During the month of Ramadan, adults Muslims fast dawn until dusk. Unless traveling, unwell, pregnant or diabetic, adult Muslims will not eat or drink between sunrise and sunset. 

The religious month is a time that is meant to be used for prayer, charity, spiritually and for purify their body and mind.

Ramadan facts: 

  • The meal before the beginning of their fast is called the Sahoor, the meal after sunset is called Iftar. 
  • When a non-Muslim meets a Muslim during Ramadan, the appropriate greeting is “Ramadan Mubarak” which translates “have a blessed Ramadan” 
  • The beginning of Ramadan can move as many as 11 or 12 days each year. 
  • The actual beginning of Ramadan depends on the sighting of the new moon or astronomical calculations.

In England I was unaware of this, before moving to Dubai I didn’t know much about the Muslim religion. As Dubai is a Muslim state, it is a lot easier to understand the tradition.  Cafes and restaurants are closed in malls, and it is prohibited to eat or drink in public. As I am not Muslim, I am not fasting. I had to quickly develop a greater understanding of Ramadan in order to be respectful for those who are participating. 

As tourism and expats are a massive factor towards Dubais culture, not every restaurant is closed. Instead, they are screened off from the outside so those fasting cannot see people whilst eating. 

I have come across a few cafes open for breakfast, which have been delicious. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, probably because I wake up so hungry! I’m not a good cook, mainly because I’m too lazy. I also love the atmosphere when in a nice little cafe. 

This morning I came across The Pavillion, Downtown Dubai. I immediately enjoyed the decor, it was quirky and fun. Books hung from the ceiling, there were messages written on chalk boards and there was a smell of pastries throughout. 


There was a buffet in the center, including cheeses, savory and sweet croissants, salads, breads, fruits and cereals. A selection of juices and yoghurts too. As well as this, you could order something from the kitchen. 

I think it’s fair to say we had an absolute feast! I also took a liking to the cow milk jug. 

Too all those who are fasting this Ramadan, I wish you a blessed Ramadan! Ramadan Mubarak! 

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I have only been to Bangkok with Emirates so far, and it was amazing. The crew were great, the experience was definitely something.

I went to the famous Khao San road, where it was pretty normal to drink vodka from the persons cup next to you, and dance on the bar. People were happy and free. There were food carts selling god knows what, lady boys wearing glittery pink bras and a sea of tourists. I remember looking around, I was mesmerised by all of the different characters. It was a very fun night, I even had my first drink from a red sandcastle bucket and had a Tuk Tuk ride; now that, is a whole different story: no doors, everyone crams in this little metal box on wheels. There was a young man driving it,  he had installed speakers and flashing flights. He also asked me if I wanted to attend a show, and be one of the stars! Whilst handing me a card, he told me to choose. “Coca-Cola” or “Ping Pong” were apparently most popular. I decided to pass, and instead got taken back to my hotel. I suppose it was nice of him to offer?!…

This was the Tuk Tuk ride, I could hardly see because of the neon lights shining in my face. I was so scared as every corner we went around it felt as if I was going to fall out.

As well as all of this, I had a delicious Thai green curry, which was unreal. Thai food is my favourite. I also got a pedicure in a bucket for the equivalent of £3.18! Bargain!

I recently took a weeks holiday and went to Phuket. I was warned it was rainy season, but as I live in Dubai I was really not concerned.

I stayed in the most beautiful hotel. It was Anantara Phuket Villas. As soon as i arrived, the staff set high expectations for the rest of our stay. So hospitable, they welcomed me with such happiness. I was driven across a wooden bridge, over a lake filled with lily pads and ducks.

Our villa was beyond my imagination. With a private pool and infinity bath over looking decking with a under cover seating area, with cushions and a bar. As well as this we had a large bedroom, with double doors onto the pool.

Each day, personalized leaves were left on the bed with little notes. The bath was run in the evening and filled with beautiful pink flowers. My favourite wine was left chilled by the pool.

Each morning I had breakfast by the water, we fed the ducks. The buffet was outstandingly delicious, with meat, salad, full English, pastries, sushi. The list is endless. A man named Jack who worked there each morning was great; he remembered each day what my activities were.

I went elephant trekking one day, where we also rode a water buffalo, learnt how to make coconut oil, i tried traditional Thai tea and ate some sweet corn cakes. The elephants were so friendly, I brought some fruit to feed them, they used their nose to suck and then they put it into their mouths. I had a very clever elephant, a couple dropped their phone and he went to pick it up using his trunk!


Before going to Phuket, we heard a lot of the islands around Thailand. I did some research and decided to take a speed boat ride to Phi Phi islands where i jumped off the top of the boat, went snorkeling and had a cocktail inside a pineapple and walked along the beach. I also visited Maya Bay, which was ridiculously busy!

One rainy day, i went to the Upside Down House and the Trickeye Museum. I wanted to visit Phuket town which was around an hour away from Anantara.

The staff at the Anantara Phuket, made our stay so special. I used bikes and rode around the grounds, every staff members stops and says hello. They’re so friendly and the whole week was completely faultless. So much so, i want to go again later on in the year.

If you haven’t already been to Thailand, I highly recommend it. Both places I have been I loved. I would go back again in a heart beat. If you live in a cold country, I would recommend not going during the rain season. However if like me, you enjoy a bit of rain now and again, then it was perfect. It was 35 degrees everyday so not cold by any means.

Thank you to all the staff at Anantara Villas Phuket!